Incense Holder

Style: Round
Sale price$4.99 USD


This one-of-a-kind incense holder is made with resin and your choice of pigment, mica powder, glitter or foil. 

Choose from 97 material options or make a unique combination.


Made with durable non-toxic resin and your choice of glitter/foil/mica powder,

Resin Disclaimer

Resin pieces are known for their durability but if not well taken care of the resin can scratch, warp in high heat, or break under extreme pressure. Please treat them with care, we do not take responsibility for breakage. All resin does yellow over time.

Important Information

Since this specific item is handmade, they won't all be exactly the same. Minor imperfections/microbubbles and uneven edges are possible. Color variation can also occur due to computer screen differences.

Cleaning instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap!

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