Spell Phone Grip

Sale price$9.99 USD


This phone grip will put a spell on you, with black color shifting holographic glitter and a glassy shine. Limited Edition!

Does your phone slip out of your hand? Then you must get a grip on this beauty! Handmade with strong UV resistant resin & amazing glitter. These grips are lightweight, durable & truly breathtaking! They attach securely to your phone or phone case with a 3M sticky.

Size Guide

1.75 x 1.75 inches.


These phone grips are made non-toxic resin, premium glitter & are mounted to a standard black phone grip base.

General Care/Maintenance

These pop sockets are lightweight, durable, & can be hand washed only with soap & water. Handle your pop socket with care, wear & tear may cause the gold edging of the pop socket to fade.

Resin Disclaimer

Please keep in mind that this piece is made with resin, all resin does yellow over time. Resin pieces are known for their durability but if not well taken care of the resin can scratch, warp in high heat, or break under extreme pressure.

Important Information

Color variation may occur due to computer screen differences.

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